A young woman who overcame this thing, we unknowingly normalized, STRUGGLE. The struggle that came with watching my mother fight through her addiction as a teen. The battle of witnessing my father’s slow death from an incurable disease at the age of 15. The struggle of seeking love in all the wrong places. Becoming a mother at 17 and struggling in the urban streets of the ghetto with glorified D-Boys poisoning our community trying to care for my child and me. The struggle of fast life, fast money led to hard times. The effort took to change and my fresh new desire in a head to head battle with the old me. I had my love abused and misused.

The struggle of trying to make ends meet. With bounced checks trying to keep me bound and caged from the light of day. But then I meet a God who set me Oh so free from the struggle me. By introducing me to whom, I, Kenya Nicole, was destined to be.  And through God’s love, self-love, and my faith,  my narrative CHANGED. I broke up with my past and embodied my DESTINY.


Who would have thought that I would one day be my boss and run my own company? That I would become a Business consultant and operate as an advisor and brand manager to small businesses and Entrepreneurs?  Helping them PUSH pass obstacles and give birth to their business ideas, plans, and legacies? Who would have thought this young Woman from 5th Ward, a rural area in Houston, Texas, would have self-published books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and be booked to speak and encourage the visions of others?  Who would have thought?

As a minority-owned business and single mother who went from welfare to well on my way, back in 2011, I made a business attempt to start my very own production company. Here I was with this passion for this project. But no real sense of business, I re-enrolled in college to further my education but decided to gamble on myself while schooling here in my hometown of Houston, Texas. We have a magnificent theatre called The Hobby Center. I began an initiative to raise the additional funding needed to launch my production. At the time, I wasn’t aware that my business mindset was in the conception stage. During this early phase, I made what seemed to be at the time a horrible mistake. This mistake led me to the Judge Mathis show. It was a pivotal moment in my career that would change my thinking regarding business and how I would manage business moving forward.  Life at both personal and professional is an evolving lesson that exhibits God’s grace grooming us into our place of purpose. I share my story and my triumphs. Celebrating my victories along the way, never to brag or boast.  It’s my way of affirming to others that may be in a lowly place if it can happen for me. It can happen for them as well. This journey we call life isn’t about how we start. It’s the finish that counts.

Kenya Nicole aims to make a direct impact in the lives of those in which she's blessed to influence as a phenomenal mother, friend, and businesswoman.
Kenya Nicole facilitates growth within both personal and organizational development for women in positions that require executive decision-making regarding the necessary process for designing, running their companies, accomplishing their goals and responsibilities by helping them make choices based on integrity.
Kenya Nicole speaks to women and organizations whose missions can be furthered by her message. Kenya Nicole is open to speaking engagements that require travel—teaching on in-depth techniques to level leaders and further their agendas.

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